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I think this flash is the longest project I've ever worked on (2 days).
This flash is a (serious, no comedy) expression of how I felt during my membership of the Clock Crew.
Please do not vote 0 if you hate clocks, but click the arrow pointed to the left, named the 'back button'.

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A nice clockcrew flash indeed. Smooth graphics, smooth animation, small filesize and actually a pretty complex concept too, wasn't expecting that. keep up the great work!


TNT-Clock responds:

Thanks! I appreciate that coming from you!


This flash was very deep , man . You expressed your feelings in a beautiful way as if you were actually talking to me ... you have talent , dude, considering the amount of time put into this (2 days) . Eventually , you will get to StrangeClock's level ... I truly believe so

TNT-Clock responds:

Thanks! I already have a new project I'm working on.
I will work much and much longer on this one.


honestly it just didnt keep my attention, but other wise the graphics were good


^^Good Points^^
The graphics were decent towards the end, but the beginning looked kind of stupid. The sound was good too, mainly the sound effects.

^^Needs Improving^^
This movie is really boring. There are very few funny parts, in fact I didn't actually laugh at all. Work on the storyline a lot and make it more interesting. Also work on the graphics a little bit, too obviously drawn with paintbrush.


There was already a TNT_Clock, and also DynamiteClock.
This Name is taken...!

This Movie, was Ok...
You should work on the Animation...