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Author Comments

A Story of Love Between a Boy and a Squirrel.

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Woot for Messiah, Boo MonkeyShizznick

Monkey Shizznick, you racist fucktard. You called Duck-Duck-Sheep, one of the most tolerant, understandable people on the internet, a Nazi on the basis that he was from Germany, you went on for five fucking paragraphs about how mexicans are "BurritoMunchers". I'll tell you something. do you actually think mexicans are stealing your jobs? do you think that it may be the fault of the people who are ILLEGALLY EMPLOYING THEM?
Your entire Review was filled with lies, and it only shows how immature you are. You obviously never read the posts on the Milano Crew, because your "Quote" wasn't near what Havelin actually said.
So, Next time you decide to go insulting people on their race, consider this. "PENALIZING SOMEONE DUE TO RACE = RACISM!!!"

"Ooh I'm not racist, I just call germans Nazi's, whether or not they actually are. I just Make fun of people of other races because I can!"

Learn how to be a normal person, get some morals, learn how to accept people and how the worlsd works, or GET THE HELL OFF OF MY INTERNET!!!

Oh, and Messiah, Nice Job.


Ok heres the thing messiah...Right now your on the verge...well admins are speaking with me about banning your account and why..and let me tell you this if another flash is submitted that even as much mentions the letters in my name your account will be "dismissed". And about that up coming collab, if it is done and submitted the entire mcrew will be banned from newgrounds. Also for the sake of my characters dont use them in the collab if you submit it (tmc is going to) that will also be a count of being stolen while being hateful to another author. And for anyone reading this it all began on the mcrew site when i stated my opinion about Press's latest cartoon, i agreed with him and i know what your all thinking now...how could i? well lets see open all your fucking minds and look around you to actually see whats going on in this world and especially in this country. Heres another point they were calling me raciest and i never made any raciest comments, believe me or not but heres another statement made by one of the admins on the site "STFU MONKEY or all of the commi's in here will kick your ass even the commi leaders redmongoose messiah D-D-S BHB Lok" believe that statement or not the admin said it..good day

We get it, they are teh log cabin Republicans.

Decent concept, but really the story ends too early there must be some reaction to the boy-squirrel love. Also this is not all ages. I'm not offended, I don't think any adult mind would be, but I wouldn't show this to my 8 year old niece.

This squirell looks suspiciously like Foamy....

I think that you copied Foamy in an attempt at a fanservice flash, but overall it was an ok flash, but get your own cartoon character.

MessiahClock responds:


That Was HOTT!!

Ohhhhhh Yyyeeaaahh.