the thing from outerspace

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worked on this movie with my brother for afew days last summer and then took a break(about 10 months).
during that time we lost some important files. two short scenes and some sounds.
one of the scenes i could recreate. however. the other one i cant even realy remember how it was. only that it had some bloody stuff in it.
this explaines why some characters are seen but never seen die(or seen die butt never anywhere else)

also, this is a collaboration in three pieces. they all have different music and different styles.

well enjoy


God damnit

Now that's a great way to piss off norwegians. :P

a word from the creator

ok, listen up, I'm the brother, who drew the middle part and yes, i know it looks like an imbecil who drew it. I was lazy but I'm gonna let you into something. sure i could have made some awesome graphics but it would probably end up with no animations and just tween movements, and how fun would that be to watch?!?

this flash is a masterpiece just because we combine the good graphics with style, humour and a great soundtrack (by: Goblin)
as my brother already said while answering earlier reviews:
we didn't make this flash to get famous and win prizes, no, we did this because we enjoyed it, we had a lot of fun doing this.

and for you all who liked this: part 2 will arrive here on newgrounds soon hopefully, we're working on it right now.

Good sjit m8 :)

good flash, I like it. Cant understand why those other niggas says it sucks...


I LAughED S0 mUc4. IT w@$ s0 DAMn Funneh! K33p it Uppop!

Yeh, quite grand

Some nifty stuff. When he had a sombrero or sumtin on he looked like Chuck Norris and I can't really recall there being ninja's in "The Thing"

ZombieToaster responds:

we took liberties with the story ;)

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2.76 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2006
4:42 PM EST
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