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Lessons In Life 3

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Well this is Lessons In Life 3, which will probelly be my last movie of the series. This movie took quite a bit of time to make and I am very proud of this piece.

I would like to thank Ljcoffee for his outstanding work that he has done and all the time he has put into it. Without him, Lessons In Life 3 would not have been possible.

I would like to also thank all the audio artists from newgrounds who I have chosen to use their songs.

This movie is for the Mochiland contest that is bieng held at mochiland.com and where there are great prizes to be won.

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Nice imagination, like the morals. And the statue, how did you make it? the problem was, umm...... too .... same. and less funny. maybe you are running out of juice? But overall, it was funny


First of all, the main menu looked sweet. It just looked visually appealing and made a great first impression, so yeah.

*watches lessons*
Haha, funny stuff again. Personally I thought the 2nd lesson was the best where the moral was to kill the mother bird before stealing the eggs. The spikes being launched at the guy was pretty cool. ^_^

Just a thought:
I think it would look really good if you had the camera angle move and change every so often so it's not the same every time. Like I can imagine some interesting effects you can create by rotating the camera around the clay men to make things look distotred and confusing or something.

Anyway as always I enjoyed watching your work, thanks. 4/5.

PiePie responds:

Heh thanks for the review! I will try and do as you say and change the camera angle a bit for my next one.

More good than the 2 other

This one was very good.

You putted drawing behind the clay character its so beautiful. The graphic have improved a lot. The statue too looked so good it was like in a video games. And I dont talk about the animation that way better.

The song too was way better , it fitted each lesson and changed at each time, good point.

The new flash layout too is great , no more big window and the scene selection is more clear. Thanks !

but I finded it a lot less funny and way shorter than the other.

But its the best of the three !

PiePie responds:

Hey I livein Quebec to...

Yeah the first lessons I made when I was new to claymation now I have more exp under my belt but my next movie will be loads better than this because well I had trouble with filesize that is why it was short.

Je pense que to donne moi 5 pour tout la semaine par ce que je suis dans un contest du Mochiland est il tracker mon point pour 1 semaine!.

Merci de regarder mon film!

oh baby baby!!

i didn't watch this, but i know i gave it a 5, raising it from the 3.49 to 3.50, straight into the blue section!! great job man!!

PiePie responds:

Well you should watch but thanks for the five!

mmm booby traps

i lub them booby traps

PiePie responds:

glad you liked it.