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Gunmaster Urban Warfare

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This by far is our best version of the Gunmaster series. You are in an interactive 3d city where you must defend yourself from planes, helicopters, and not to mention an army of men shooting at you from all angles. You have decided that you are not going to be defeated and will fight till death. In this new version of Gunmaster you are equiped with new weapons and unfortunately you have new enemies who will land suprise attacks on you. Have fun with our game and don't forget to post your comments :)

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・This game has Some help topics in Menu.
・Gore isn't bad.
・This game has 5 Firearms and 2 Throwables.

・Controles are little odd. "W" is Climb up Ladder, "Space" is Jump, And "Left Ctrl" is Crouch.
・This game doesn't Have Any Music.

Score Tips:
・Normal Kill (By Rifle, Shotgun, Uzi, Proximity Mine)・・・10 Points
・Headshot Kill (By Rifle, Shotgun, Uzi, Proximity Mine)・・・15 Points
・Midair Headshot (By Rifle, Shotgun, Uzi)・・・30 Points
・Kill by Fire・・・10 Points
・Kill by Barrel's Explosion・・・5 Points
・Kill by Rocket ・・・5 Points
・Kill by Grenade Launcher・・・5 Points
・Kill by Molotov's Direct hit・・・5 Points
・Destroy Helicoptor・・・10 Points
・Destroy Bomber・・・10 Points
・Destroy Bomber Jet・・・10 Points


it was preety goood to short though


add more weapons
add more enemies
add more GUNMASTER....

5/5 9/10


very adiccting wepon upgrades would be nice 10/10 4/5


i do a 30/10!