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The Possessed Mouse

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This is my first submission to newgrounds, and the second flash thing I've done.

Whoa, second place, and the front page!? I'm honored, truly... thank you so much Newgrounds!

Further edit: I got rid of the mild violence... its not really that violent unless you have strong feelings for mice.

Thanks again for all the reviews guys, I read all of them and I really appreciate it!


This was a project for my Digital Studio class... I think it turned out pretty well. The sound was added kinda last minute so its probably not as great as it could be. I just gathered sound effects as quickly as I could from a CD I have.

The mouse in the cartoon is just one of 30 or so that I have to put up with in the computer lab I use for 3 of my 5 classes at Clarkson. Everything you see, actually happens. Except for maybe the hammer part. ...and the Mona Lisa thing. But the rest, all true, I swear.

Enjoy ;D!



never happened to me but i have a.d.d. so it would be so much more frustrating for me to deal with that




i agree with the whole possesed mouse thing idk how many times im doing something and all the sudden the mouse swerves to a corner of the screen and thats a huge mess up when playing a game that requires acuacy

This is fixed with a higher quality mouse

I love the flash animation, and for only your second one, that's INCREDIBLE. I have a generic Microsoft mouse, and it does this ALL THE TIME. I'd accidentally nudge it and suddenly the onscreen mouse travels to the moon and back. Then goes to the sun.

Oh, god

I have that problem all the time. XD

Only your second flash cartoon? Pretty good for only your second flash.

Looking forward to seeing more of you work.

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4.06 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2006
6:26 PM EST
Comedy - Original