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Starwell ep6: Halo

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there's a great halo bit in this one
I combined 2 eps again and ... yes.. I put a replay button!!! happy?!?! lol

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This series is Cool

Really nice episode here, the halo scene was nice, I really like the starwell character hes like a nice guy with a twist of darkness about him, but anyways I found this episode of starwell to be pretty amusing you bring on some nice elements of humor and really love how theres different scenes and different characters, lots of "FLAVOUR" here.

make more episodes.


I guess it's interesting to be introduced to a new series. This one seems just okay. It's mostly because it's fairly short. This was two episodes combined? I guess I'm glad. There wasn't enough "Halo" in this cartoon.

He looks like Spongebob only in the shape of Patrick. I guess the series itself is harmless. Well, I have just seen one episode. The animation seems alright. Ditto the voice acting.


the guy under my reveiw knows how to make a good halo anamation i voted 5 on them all

Barely Halo related at all

Well, it's obvious that you put 'Halo' as the title of the episode to get more views when in fact there's only about 10 seconds of Halo related content and even that is fairly vague. I think "Starwell ep6: Rolling on the floor to go the fridge" or "Starwell ep6: Driving to work while Starwell reassessing his values" would have been a more appropriate title. Anyway, it is an amusing episode, I remember watching this back in 2006 when it first came out and I liked it a lot. I've only just noticed this now but the character Starwell looks like a cross between Spongebob and Patrick.

background copied

you used google earth's New york city for when was driving