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GunMaster Onslaught 2.0

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Author Comments

This is version 2.0 of my original GunMaster Game. I was stuck at home sick for a week so decided to make a game where you're a army man commando unit that had to last as long as possible against a never ending invasion of enemy units. Of course the game will get harder the longer you lasted, so death is inevitable. I wanted to test out some new techniques with explosions, blood and damage visualizations. And rather than have upgrades I wanted to have instant gratification so you would start off with all the weapons but you'd have to go pick up ammo crates as they were air dropped to random areas of the map. This would add random challenges and make every experience unique. I love adding random effects, but some people complain that they always run out of normal ammo. I believe it just forces people to learn how to conserve ammo or to become proficient at using the other weapons. Another feature of the game was the cross-hair system for accuracy. I wanted to simulate an FPS shooting system where you are more accurate if you crouched and are less accurate when you are moving. This game has been the result of several consecutive hours of work, and rarely have I been given the opportunity to work on a single project for so many hours in just a single week. I should get sick more often ;) ::please don't try to poison me:: I should also note that all the sounds featured in this game are original creations by me made with a clip on mic using windows sound recorder =) The soundtrack was created by my friend at www.marcustyr.com. And don't forget to check out my website for more flash games! Visit www.lostvectors.com

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・This game has Some help topics in Menu.
・Music isn't bad.
・The number of weapons aren't small. (5 Firearms and 2 Throwables)
・Gore isn't bad.

・Controles are little odd. "W" is Climb up Ladder, "Space" is Jump, And "Left Ctrl" is Crouch.
・Anthor Comments are Hard to read. The author Didn't do a line break.

Score Tips:
・Normal Kill (By Rifle, Shotgun, Uzi)・・・10 Points
・Headshot Kill (By Rifle, Shotgun, Uzi)・・・15 Points
・Midair Headshot (By Rifle, Shotgun, Uzi)・・・30 Points
・Kill by Rocket, Grenade Lancher・・・5 Points
・Kill by Hand Grenade, Landmine・・・5 Points
・Destroy Helicoptor・・・10 Points
・Destroy Bomber・・・10 Points
・Destroy Bomber Jet・・・10 Points
・Destroy Tank・・・10 Points

My high score: 2035
Level: 24

muy bueno

this looks like pretty fun game Like it

This game...

I play the hell out of this game, atleast once or twice a day. it's addicting and I keep coming back for more.

Sweet Game!

I have played this game on a number of different websites, and every time it was the same thing. AWESOME!