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Linear + binary searches

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This is the version that was made for Newgrounds. It gives an explanation of linear and binary searches in java. This is NOT flash actionscript. I apologize for the other one. I was trying to get it to play in school because they block everything associated with flash and it lacked a preloader as well as the A-Bot ID for the songwriter, NightMare5.

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I understand

This flash is just for people basically knowledgeable about java programming. You did a decent job tryin to explain arrays, loops and searches.

Do you happen to know how to use the java programs once they are compiled on a server?

GritaskKnightofValor responds:

They never teach you yhat in school. I can only use my stuff in j-creator.

This tutorial pwned me

I had no freakin idea what it was about, but then again, I knew it'd be nonsense to me from the moment i read the title. Well, hopefully it'll make sense to the more intelligent ppl of NG :D
P.S: It was funny cuz i was so clueless

GritaskKnightofValor responds:

It's like I said to beans101, it's not a lack of intelligence. It's a lack of understanding. You have had no experience with java and therefore cannot be expected to know what I'm talking about. It's not your field. I can't tell you how many Egyptian pharoahs there were. It's not my field.

A noble cause.

A noble effort, a bit of education into the flash portal. This just isn't the place, though. Sorry, man.

GritaskKnightofValor responds:

Aww, don't be a playa hater! lol.

math anyone?

this is more of a math tutorial. some noobs on here could learn a few things from watching this. if not for math, we would not have computers. nor, newgrounds. not much to watch, but it does educate. tough shit for those with short attention spans!

GritaskKnightofValor responds:

Thank you! The score kept going down because stupid noobs who don't know shit about shit were giving zeros because they didn't know what it was so that made it bad. Plus morons like to blam everything that doesn't have violence or disturbing humor.


if you like math this is the "flash" for you even though you have to click through it all. either your a lonly genius or have a math text book infront of you. i hate math.......its boring.

GritaskKnightofValor responds:

This was the only way I could show my java project to my teacher. Mine is the only computer so far that has been able to run the .swf

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2.20 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2006
9:37 PM EST