ask nate 02

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sloppy larry productions presents: ask nate 02.
nate's drunk and in a bathtub. nate is really drunk. some of the sites readers wrote in and asked nate questions. so nate got drunk. this is what happened.



you guys really remind me of Tim and Eric (its a show ass wipe)


This made me violent... It made me want to kill... It... It... It sucked so bad that I killed a baby kitten... It made me thing that killing is wrong. Man, you just suck!

mortimernova responds:

this one time, i swore that i saw donnie osmond at a bar but it really just ended up being some woman that had a manly face... i went and asked her if she was donnie osmand... and that's where babies come from...


I have seen both Nate 1&2. I think they both sucked ass. One is he really drinking and if he is those sips that he is taking from that bottle are not making me think he is really drunk. If he was really drinking out of that bottle he would be taking swigs of that shit. So please if you’re going to have a kid still in school portraying a drunken person please make it believable and not so obviously fake.

P.S. this shit sucked so much that this is my first review were I complained about the movie.

mortimernova responds:

nate is only 8 years old... just look at his profile... give him a break...

funny shit!!

i thought this was funny as hell! great job!

mortimernova responds:

well then you must've miinterpreted it... it was a story of a young italian boy who lost his only love; crystal pepsi... it's a sad tale...

What's a bigger waste of time than Ask Nate 01?

. . .

mortimernova responds:

totally... wait until ask nate 3! now THAT is a waste of time... at least in 2 we hired professional actors and had a 3.2 million dollar budget...

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3.61 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2006
8:49 PM EST
Comedy - Original