Break in and your fired

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Info: 1 min, 1.7 Megabytes, Made in Flash 5.

Description: In this cartoon, Donald Trump has another TV show. Where all he does is break into random peoples houses just to tell them "You're Fired!" Obviously, the show is called "Break in and you're fired!"

-Enjoy! :)

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Okay, it was just Donald Trump breaking into someone's house and saying he (or she?) was fired. There was nothing else. I still can't give this a low score. I just want to mock Donald Trump as much as possible. He's actually getting high in the polls right now! To think, he was even famous before this.

Some things never change. Let's hope that goes for the presidency and he doesn't get elected! You made more of these? They don't seem like much. You're still infinitely better than Donald Trump.

break in and your fired!

It was veary funny!


dea it

+ Vaguely amusing 'problems' with cues.

++ Amusing concept.

- crackling during voices.

--- I think that without any reaction shots it lacked resonance. Had you maybe shown the family turning and raising an eyebrow, it might have had more potential for humour, whether they were looking at DT like a madman, or scared of this sudden intrusion.

The idea itself is enough to make me smile, but in the execution, nothing is added.

a lil short

it was short but i loved the pause button. Rew and Fwd would be nice but a lil overdone

Love your work

I just review one of you other works (the swering at the drug store) and I would have to say you have some great tallent. Although I liked the drug store only mildly, This one gave me a good laugh.

Added you to my favorites, keep it going or else you are FIRED!

ttul dude

8 out of 10 for being funny God Life

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3.38 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2006
8:24 PM EST
Comedy - Parody