Exmortis 2

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### NEWS ###: Read up on the development progress of Exmortis3 at exmortis3.blogspot.com

Finally! The sequel is done! Thanks for the massive props from the first game - without it, this one wouldn't have been made... I hope this one lives up to the standard of the first one...

For all of you who are having issues with the Soduko element of the game - there is a walkthrough at both www.jayisgames.com and www.lazylaces.com which will fix you... Use it wisely!!!

Frontpage again! Aw... shucks :) Thanks guys!

Big thanks to www.lazylaces.com and www.jayisgames.com for the feedback and beta testing...

Enjoy all!
Ben Leffler
Leffler Web Design


good shit

Exmortis 1 & 2 is very cool
perfect for the frightened ppl :P
i never came further than the cellar, i still can't figure out where to next
plz make a Exmortis 3 :D


You're just getting better man. Hey, the cover pic. looks like that dude that cried"LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" lmao, or I'm just weird. Anyway folks...this is a great game.

A riveting apocalptic tale.

Sir, this game is positively splendid, a polished diamond in a mine of subpar games.

The graphics are surprisingly realistic. The only way you could paint gory pictures such as these is if you were either a Crime Scene Investigator, a professional hitman, or be an extremely talented artist.

The style is letter perfect as well. Something about the sight of that abandoned, decrepit church or the blood red horizon with pitch black clouds shook me to the core.

The sound does have nice quality. The voice acting of the figure in the confessional as well as the voice acting at the end was performed well, and without any static. Additional sound effects like the creeping of an opening door or the turn of a page added to the ambiance.

The violence is quite commonplace as well, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. While very gruesome, the player does not actually witness the acts of violence but the aftermath thereof.

Being a game, the interactivity was quite high as well. However, a few of the puzzles could have used some polishing, like the beacon connecting in the Spirit Realm, but where the game truly shines is its additional material, like the Lochear's family's father's journal, or the board of newspaper clippings. While not necessary to find, they add significantly to the details of the story.

Humor is non-existent, though for a horror game of this caliber, humor would be out of place as it is.

Overall, the entire game - the plot and the puzzles - were marvelous. At one point I could not act, not because I was stumped but because I was terrified of what would happen next. While the game does have some flaws, they are overshadowed by its strengths. For that, sir, you deserve praise. I know by this point I may sound like a kissass, but I can say without ego that you deserved every word of it.

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Great game, i loved the first one, but i dont know how to exit the church....maybe it's my computer....

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Holy crap

I like how the game was focused on getting your task done before you were enveloped in the darkness. Great game. I hope you make more like this.

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4.32 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2006
5:57 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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