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### NEWS ###: Read up on the development progress of Exmortis3 at exmortis3.blogspot.com

Finally! The sequel is done! Thanks for the massive props from the first game - without it, this one wouldn't have been made... I hope this one lives up to the standard of the first one...

For all of you who are having issues with the Soduko element of the game - there is a walkthrough at both www.jayisgames.com and www.lazylaces.com which will fix you... Use it wisely!!!

Frontpage again! Aw... shucks :) Thanks guys!

Big thanks to www.lazylaces.com and www.jayisgames.com for the feedback and beta testing...

Enjoy all!
Ben Leffler
Leffler Web Design



I loved the first game. It scared me so good, that I couldn't even finish it myself. . . had to watch it be beaten on youtube. XD (Lol Pewdiepie was one of them.)

THIS game. THIS fucking game right here. I loved it. It was incredible. INCREDIBLE!

I had SUCH fun doing the puzzles and stuff, it was great. I sat down for an hour doing the Sudoku (not Soduko lol) for an hour because I'm a hardcore bamf gamer like that. >=3 I refused to look up the answer, lol. It made it more real, though, 'cause if it was me, the last survivor, I would have had to handle that shit. There wouldn't have been any cheat code. XD

What else. . . ah. I LOVE mind-busting puzzles. . . and for a second there, I was stuck 'cause I couldn't figure out what I missed. My one criticism is that in the next one, try to make the area of the selectable objects' clicking field larger! I missed the drawer in the first upstairs bedroom (with the dead wife) because its clicking area was so little, when my mouse grazed over it the first few times, I didn't see the comments at the bottom.

But maybe I was just being scatterbrained. *shrugs* I dunno.

BUT THE END. DEAR GOD THE END. XD I was like, "YOUUU MOTHERFUCKER. >=O *table flip* AFTER ALL I DID FOR YOU?! SONUVABITCH!" But at the same time, I loved it. XD;

I can't wait for the third one!!!!

P.S. Absolutely loved how well-developed this plot has become; I like to read, so I loved reading all the back story in the random books that I found. b(^ v ^)d *two thumbs up*

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iv'e seen pewdiepie play this

I love this game this is my third time playing it i still get the living crap scared out of me.

i only played this because i saw pewdiepie play it

muh i hoped the gift was the return of his wife and kid(s)
overall a very scuuury game!

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4.32 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2006
5:57 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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