Starwell ep5: DAY OFF!

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ok.. so.. I combined 2 eps into one.. they were both kinda short.. this ep is not as funny as the last.. but.. still pretty good ,me thinks



lol he read a comic book for how long? a week? LOL must be a big comic book


That one was a lot less good than the other one. But I know why , because it was two movie in one and it was short.

I didnt laughed at all and the plot was really not funny.
We dont care if he miss work.

Beside there was not eastern egg and any interactivity like the last one.

And do the play and replay button for god sake !

Good work!

I like all the Starwell shorts. But the thing that drives me crazy are the endings. Nothing that defines the short to be over or there is some thing you need to push to watch more... I don't know because the short just stops and i find myself looking for invisible buttons because i want to see more and my brain tilts when i cant find anything. Fix the endings so that it isn't so awkward, the shorts are too good to have such a crappy endings! You have a nice set of shorts and there is obviously a lot of work in them, do yourself a favor and watch some classics to see how they end their stuff and fix it. Other than that, great characters, your character is honestly deeper than spongebob so pat yourself on the back, nice expressions and flow of conversation, maybe spice it up a bit with more "body language" but it's really not necessary. I love the rooster... I wouldn't have immagined him differently. Good work.


i realy like job well done

Gr8 GFX and sound.

It looked and sounded like something you would see on TV. But it was overly moral, and not funny or violent. so 3/5.

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3.67 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2006
3:50 PM EST
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