Somali TV 2

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Somali did another show.
I hope you enjoy it, it's about as random as Somali TV 1.

Thanks alot for the Drawing in the menu, it's made by Paul ter Voorde. He really is awesome.



just because i hate the author(very fucking much) i will give 0 stars on every one of these submissions.


What the hell is this? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!?!?! Maybe I'm missing something here but what I see is a cartoon that shows a black cartoon praising chicken and stealing bikes. This is offensive and tasteless. I feel sorry for you if you don't have anything better to do than make racist flash cartoons.

Somali responds:

Fuck you, stop rating low on actually good flashs.

I'll go over all the TV channels this time ):<

1) He burned mother fucker, he burned, that was like so cool meng. GOD YOU'RE SO COOL MENG.
2) It was pretty insane in the membrane too, those cars wuz so tite i wish i had one.
3) I played with your ... bike personally, it was just so big i had to touch it.
4) I love nothing, beause nothing loves me, oMfG meng my life is so horrible :'( /wrists. Jk i'm not gay XD.
5) Stop burning like the sun, the sun is emo didn't you know that.
6) This one scared me, whoever made that song is like ... scary because i thought i was going to die while hearing it.
7) Cigaro, ugh i really do hate that song/band/genre as a whole >_>. But you HAPPENED to make the trippiest of the animations for it ... bitch
Credits .... WOW @ song

Somali responds:

Thanks alot!
I liked the credits song too :D!

An outstanding sequel

It was truly hilarious and worth the short wait. ;)

Somali responds:

Thanks alot Jujube!

I will make a 3rd part aswell :).

Peeta! I like that!

Gives the feel of it! Like in TV! neat! Keep bring these treats!

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3.46 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2006
3:02 PM EST
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