Crazy Belmont

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Sometimes ya feel like a nut...

There really is no point to this game. I was playing around with some Richter Belmont sprites for one of our collection pages, and I thought it would be fun to dump him in Crazy Shuttle and see what happens. I added a few other quirky additions as well. This should be fun for like 5 minutes.

* NOTE * - I often forget that since I don't upload most my movies through the Portal, many users don't think I have made many of my own. For anyone wondering, I made Crazy Shuttle, so I'm not stealing someone elses game engine.

Anyway, there's a useless surprise if you score above 2000!



it was great the only problem is you should do some kinda of game play where you do different things you know?and make a ending at least.


this game is waaaaaaay too addictive its fun just killing ppl u run into its cool im gonna paly it some more


That was awesome. For all of you who hated the difficulty, go screw yurselfs. I got up to about 2500 and I liked the bit where the thing (Its a secret)a useless thing happens when you reach 2000. The music was cool but most of all: I wouldn`t have a fuckin` clue how to do those gameboy style graphics. The look exeptionally awesome, especially when used in colourful scenes, like explosions. The colour gradient tool is good enough but not as good. I gave the fire look a try in my latest comic strip, Darnell(my style), like you said I could have a go at making a pico sorta thing. I liked this!!!



never have i given ten on all six catagories good job

great game

the game is kick ass!!!! Give it a try! NOW!!!

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3.81 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2001
1:11 AM EDT
Action - Other