Crazy Belmont

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Sometimes ya feel like a nut...

There really is no point to this game. I was playing around with some Richter Belmont sprites for one of our collection pages, and I thought it would be fun to dump him in Crazy Shuttle and see what happens. I added a few other quirky additions as well. This should be fun for like 5 minutes.

* NOTE * - I often forget that since I don't upload most my movies through the Portal, many users don't think I have made many of my own. For anyone wondering, I made Crazy Shuttle, so I'm not stealing someone elses game engine.

Anyway, there's a useless surprise if you score above 2000!


The point is the example

I have to disagree that there is no point to this game. Although I realize none may have been intended, a few messages were formed in my mind as I played. They were:
This is better than most flash games that DO have an objective.
I got the impression that there wasn't a huge amount of time put into this. That is, the creatures and scenery were not designed specifically for this game, rather cut-and-paste. Effort wasn't a factor, because no real attempt was made to amp-up the game. So the only thing left to make this fun was solely the skill of the author.
Lastly, the file size blows me away. I mean honestly...219k ?!? This is an example to all. Look what you can do without half trying if you simply enjoy fooling with flash.
That 2000 point bonus guy (Alucard?) was a nice touch. I gave an extra point for style. But I took 2 points away from the overall score for not trying and for the lack of replay value.

Snooch to the motha fuckin dooch!

I recently went into a Castlevania binge so I was quite excited when I found this. Vampire Killer is my fave castlevania tune, but I wish you had a better version of it in there. Quick and fun, good job, Tom. Oh, and lil' Alucard was a fun little addition. Made me feel special :D

great game

the game is kick ass!!!! Give it a try! NOW!!!


i love crazy shuttle, this was a GREAT variation!


that game ruled i got 6233 just by pressing s going one way then this vanpire guy shows whats it 4 zerovalintine u suck at it

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3.81 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2001
1:11 AM EDT
Action - Other