Crazy Belmont

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Sometimes ya feel like a nut...

There really is no point to this game. I was playing around with some Richter Belmont sprites for one of our collection pages, and I thought it would be fun to dump him in Crazy Shuttle and see what happens. I added a few other quirky additions as well. This should be fun for like 5 minutes.

* NOTE * - I often forget that since I don't upload most my movies through the Portal, many users don't think I have made many of my own. For anyone wondering, I made Crazy Shuttle, so I'm not stealing someone elses game engine.

Anyway, there's a useless surprise if you score above 2000!



next time make one where you can rape people once they fall down, but what do you care your Tom Fulp

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fun and addicting

I like to beat the crap out of things.

Still getting points

I'm not sure if anyones else discovered this but you can still get points by using the whip after time runs out. Awesome little stress reliever though.


a little too simple b/c nothing can hit you back and just running across with nitro and going up and down gets you the highest score. still great, though, i couldnt have done it any better.


HAHA Very funny spin off of Crazy Shuttle. When you score over 2000 points this weird guy pops up above you. Funny stuff. I'm glad you didnt just make it Crazy Shuttle with replaced playable character and that you took the time to ad new additions. Although with these additions, there's still not enough to make it more than just a spin off. I understand that you just shoved in Richter Belmont sprites to make a game for humour and interest and it only does give you fun for about 5 minutes, but still a good flash in humour lol!

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3.81 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2001
1:11 AM EDT
Action - Other