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Ask Al: "Superheros"

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Al Pigioni, NeptuneCircle.com's favorite talking bird, gives his wisdom upon those who seek it (and some who dont).

Note: Al is a crazy old bird and doesnt know very much about comic books. His ideas about Batman and Superman are his own, so dont take it out on us.

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Great job! I think that you kidnapped my grandfather and stuck him in a small dark room until he answered your questions to get that. Good job!


Funny but kryptonite doesnt make him stronger....It hurts him.

like the way he occasionally coos!

just when he breaks conversation and goes 'coo'as if its a nervous tick he suffers from!!!! funny as fuck!!!

This is a great flash series!

And I love how some don't appreciate the fact that it's meant to be humorous, not always accurately, either. Learn to laugh at the fact that the bird doesn't know the proper superhero backgrounds, friends. ^.^

Although I'm a batman fan.

Superman would rip batman to shreds. I mean bat man has no super powers really and in a wrestling match batman wouldn't even be able to use his gadgets.

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2006
8:20 PM EST
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