Ask Al: "Superheros"

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Al Pigioni, NeptuneCircle.com's favorite talking bird, gives his wisdom upon those who seek it (and some who dont).

Note: Al is a crazy old bird and doesnt know very much about comic books. His ideas about Batman and Superman are his own, so dont take it out on us.

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Although I'm a batman fan.

Superman would rip batman to shreds. I mean bat man has no super powers really and in a wrestling match batman wouldn't even be able to use his gadgets.

...Kryptonite is Supermans only weakness...

This is supposedly a clip of wisdom from a bird. But the answer to the question is false. In the flash the bird says that super-man has lots of kryptonite, which anyone who knows anything about super-man knows that super-mans only weakness is in fact kryptonite. How would bringing his only weakness into a wrestling ring with batman help him win the fight. batman would most likely win because he has all these gadgets to fight specific enemies. Batman would most likely make some sort of gadget using kryptonite to win any battle. However, all of Super-mans enemies have used the same technique and super-man always seems to win. Either way I would still bet on Batman as the winner. Despite all this the clip has satisfactory graphics, the style is fairly original, the audio and voice acting was flawless, it wasn't all that funny other than the depictions of Batman and his Butler as losers.

like the way he occasionally coos!

just when he breaks conversation and goes 'coo'as if its a nervous tick he suffers from!!!! funny as fuck!!!


Funny but kryptonite doesnt make him stronger....It hurts him.

liked the cartoon but..

kryptonite makes superman LOSE his powers

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Mar 26, 2006
8:20 PM EST
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