Ask Al: "Superheros"

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Al Pigioni, NeptuneCircle.com's favorite talking bird, gives his wisdom upon those who seek it (and some who dont).

Note: Al is a crazy old bird and doesnt know very much about comic books. His ideas about Batman and Superman are his own, so dont take it out on us.

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This is a great flash series!

And I love how some don't appreciate the fact that it's meant to be humorous, not always accurately, either. Learn to laugh at the fact that the bird doesn't know the proper superhero backgrounds, friends. ^.^

dont get it

i didnt understand what the bird was talking about. he didnt even answer the question. and i t wasnt funny to me at all


Lol,this guy really perks me up with his nonsensical answers.
Nice drawing there....Batman really looks like a fat slouch.

~Ways To Improve~
Give an introduction man,instead of skipping to the question.
People who are new would watch and not know what this is.

~Extra Comments~
Lol,Al really doesn't know his comic books,does he?

Till next time man,

Good point most likely Superman would win.

But I hate Superman and Batman (Batman less because he's not an invincble Bible-huging nazi). I mean what self respecting person with cool powers would go around in tights saying dumb catch phrases and let themselves wind up as a corprerite sellout hypnotising 7-10 year olds to buy crap while siting on there asses pissing away money and ignoring the terrified masses beceched upon by various villans and ner-do-wells.(If I misspelled anything tough shit)All and all really good.

Yea... Batman would win.

Kryptonite is Superman's weakness.

and Batman would most likely have some in his utility belt. Batman would use it, and just kick superman's ass.

nice animation, and good sound though!

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Mar 26, 2006
8:20 PM EST
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