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Ask Al: "Superheros"

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Al Pigioni, NeptuneCircle.com's favorite talking bird, gives his wisdom upon those who seek it (and some who dont).

Note: Al is a crazy old bird and doesnt know very much about comic books. His ideas about Batman and Superman are his own, so dont take it out on us.

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i love these

Guitarlover865 what do you expect. He's a frigging pidgeon? He knows more about batman and superman than most birds. Unless you're counting.... the PENGUIN!!!! Bua ha ha ha! Oh wait, I mean wah wah wah wah wah!!!! Seriously though, why would anyone even debate superman vs. batman. It should at least be batman vs. Remo Williams. Remo would win of course, but it wouldn't be quite as absurd a matchup.

Al's right, but he's making a small mistake

Superman would easily defeat Batman, but NOT with kryptonite. If Superman even gets near kryptonite he'll get as weak as a normal person. What if he touches it? Right.

This was hilarious though, I love the bird sound he makes haha

Not as good as the last one

In my opinion, the first Al Pigioni was better than this one, but this was still very good. I love the way he COOS the whole time as well. A smashing cartoon. :-)

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hae har!

funny but, weak, by the way yes superman would win hes much more powerful than a man in a bat suit.

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2006
8:20 PM EST
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