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Clay Hockey

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This Took me overall about 2 1/2 hours. It's about clay people watching a game of hockey. Note: hockey players aren't clay! It's about a minute long

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Haha pretty cool!

I enjoyed it so i don't care what other people say that was awsome!

(I loved the cheating!)


it was funny and it was about hockey my favorite sport so i liked it...nice job


Well i think if you had worked more on the clay people, like what they look like. Done more frames, and stuff, it could have been something cooler. But keep it up and work hard.

Made me chuckle slightly on first viewing.

selected aspects (rated from ----- to +++++)
(note: I'm not rating everything or trying to break the flash up into constituent parts. Just indicating how much each adds to/detracts from my enjoyment of this.)

+: the plot is somewhat interesting.

+++: it's kept short and sweet. No 'padding'.

-: the clay people aren't as expressive as they could be. Maybe exaggerate their postures a bit more or use faces to take it to the next level?

+: The hockey game is smooth and fluid.

-: When you're showing the clay folk, the way you hold some frames of animation is kinda jarring.

-: Voices could be more expressive.

+++: When I first saw the 'cheating' escelate to the extent it did, I chuckled.

I chuckled when I first saw it.

good enough

i sort of like it but i think you can make it funnier , at lease try.

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2006
5:30 PM EST