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Snakes on a Plane

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Author Comments

A little side project for us, song and movie was essentially made in about four hours.

If you think snakes on a plane is played out, then don't watch this



No offense, but that was dumb.

not the best AMV

that wuz crap i liek it that u made fun of the movie but it wuz too short and stuff


Officially the most annoying song ever. Absolutely awful. Why are all of Lemon Demon's songs except for eBaums and Ultimate Showdown absolute dog shit? They're so unbelievably poor!

I'm very disappointed in you.

You have such a great opportunity with the music you are given, yet you still don't even try to improve your drawing skills. I'm tired of seeing AMAZING animations like the new sonic trailer. These people put EFFORT into their cartoons, yet the usually don't get frontpage or daily. I have an animation that scored higher than this, i didn't get anything. I tried to be easy on my last few reviews, wishing that you'll improve in some way, but to my disappointment, no. You just rush these lame cartoons to get the front page and views. What i am about to say is true.

You are a bigger whore than Eric Bauman Himself.

Love the song though.

altffour responds:

You are retarded. I made an animation for fun, like all of my other animations and I got frontpage for some reason out of my grasp, and I appreciated the notion. Then you come, out of jealously of the fact I got front page and insult me saying I'm not trying to improve and acting like I dance around purposely making popular animations. I didn't rush this, I made it the way I wanted. I didn't want front page and views or whatever, I just wanted to make a flash, and I'm so sorry that it didn't meet your standards but honestly who gives a shit.

If you had any class, instead of complaining that you don't get recognition and insulting those who do, you would practice what you preach and try to improve yourself. I'm not saying you aren't good or better than me or whatever, I'm just saying there are more productive things to do than whine about my (unwilling) success.

A real low for you guys

Cmon neils what the hell, everything you guys have made sofar was totaly awsome, this wasnt funny, didnt make sence, used the same screens over and over, and even the music was somehow bad.

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2006
5:16 PM EST
Music Video