Plain Fight: Assault

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Here is Plain Fight 4, I planned for it to be slightly longer, but I've been working on this for very long now, without actually much progress, so I thought I'd submit it now. Don't expect ANYTHING in the graphical department, that's not what I am trying to achieve, I am trying to achieve good animation and I hope I do that. Enjoy watching!


hey awesome movie but i got one question

how do u zoom in and outof ur flash movies... like in ur movies battlefield short styled movies u do alotta zoom ins and outs... how man! it wont letme post my email adress on here but please review one of my movies and explain or better yet get on AOL instant messanger and tell me my screen name is crapynasty428 PLEASE LET ME KNOW

ramsy66 responds:

Or easier I'll just respond and tell you. All you do is put the entire movie into a graphic, then put that graphic on the stage and tween it about. If you have any more questions then my AIM is: ramsy066

Thanks for the review too

Sure has been a while since the last stick thrill

Good thing this came along. I needed a good Stick-ralated blood bath. Coodoes on the whole thing, and the semi-3D effects.

ramsy66 responds:

Heh, happy I gave you what you wanted

nice job

but...for a guy who didnt want any trouble in the beginning, he sure did kill alot of people in cold blood....

neway...very nice job

ramsy66 responds:

Heh yeah, he sure is savvage!


ok that was awsome, but why do i feel like the ending has bin cut off

ramsy66 responds:

Maybe because I'm planning on making a Plain Fight 5? Thanks aswell :)


nice movie but bad end , i don't like the end

ramsy66 responds:

Cut short, I'd been working on it long enough, started a Plain Fight 5 today, don't lose hope yet! Thanks

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3.74 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2006
1:14 PM EST
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