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Endless War 2

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==Game Updated!==
I added some medkits and armor and fixed bugs with enemies. Old bullets also fly slowlier.
GREAT! FRONT PAGE! Thanks voting! I love you guys!
If the game seems to be too hard, try theese things:
1. In options, turn "Old bullets" option on
2. Use Hand grenades (4) theay can bounce when they hit a wall
3. Use Alt. attacks.
4. Cheat codes form EW1 still work! (press and hold YMP or ZLT or XHI to get SuperShotgun,Minigun or RocketLauncher)

Hi everyone!.
Almost one year passed since I've submitted EndlessWar 1.
But two months ago I decided to make the second part. So, here you'll find another lots of enemies and guns (including Flamethrower and hand grenades). Enjoy!



I had to reveiw because the last guy made the game sound terrible plus he had no idea what he was doing you cant rate any game 10 on everything it doesnt work 10 over all you can do.
Any way...
...Graphics Great kinda cartoony but nothing wrong with that.
Style I have never played annother game with style besides EW1.
Sound I gave it 5 beacasue i dont know if there is sound cause I done use my speakers much.
Violence the game revolves around it.
Interactivivty not really sure what it was but this game deserves 10.
Humour I guess I could make my own jokes but you really are not supposed to laugh at people dieing.
Overall 10 Best game ive played on the Internet.

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Best game on newgrounds

All yall you say this game suks or whatever. YALL ALL CAN GO SUK D!CK!!!!! This is the best game ever! On newgrounds, I love this game its the best!!!! MAKE MORE!!!!!!!


This game was pretty good, but I dont think it was as good as the first. Oh well, I guess I just like the more historical battles, but I couldn't make a flash game this good, so either way, great job on both of them.

Easy and Addicing

The first time I played this game, I sucked at it. BUt after a few trys, I found this game to be easy. I have been playing it for 6 months now and it still rocks!

Now I can beat almost every mission without using any guns (some grenads of course).

The hardest mission in my opinion is the Terrorist Campaign 5 Way from Tomb.

Overall, this is one of the best games ever.

Really Good Game!!!

Cool Game. I really like it, hope you come out w/ a EW3!!!!!

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BlackFox-of-ITMO responds:

Yeah, Endless War 3 is almost done!

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3.88 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2006
12:25 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional