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Ace's Optical Illusions

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we found these but searching the internet, we did not make the illusions, just the flash please enjoy

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grade G

almost everyone has either seen these illusions before or are just hate optical illusions and they are all eazy to figure out but then again they are kind of fun.
p.s. I'm not sure how many other people found the eleven faces but i did in exactly 16 seconds. yay me

ignore that dumbass before me...

not everyone has seen those opitcal illusions. i haven't. he hasn't even made any flash, so he has no right to criticize yours. i tried making it, and it's hard. he's only written 3 semi-good reviews. everything else is 1 and 0. that picture on his profile is his mama's. ignore him.

Grade: F

Pointless. Almost everyone knows about these illusions already, they have books about them.

Not enough obscure and groovy stuff.

selected aspects (rated from ----- to +++++)
(note: I'm not rating everything or trying to break the flash up into constituent parts. Just giving you an idea of how good/bad I consider the points I mention.)

+++: Most of the illusions you showed were fairly interesting.

+++: The new duck/rabbit was specially cool and worked really well just as an aesthetically pleasing graphic.

---: lack of 'work' done by you.

---: I've seen some illusions better than some of these, which you should have included, had your search been more thorough.

---: I had seen most of the illusions before. C'mon, everyone's seen the 2/3 prong fork...

----: Apart from the new duck/rabbit, there weren't any decent ones that were new to me.

---: your 'next' button has a terrible hitbox, it seems. Learn to make better buttons. Make a rectangle covering the whole graphic in the hitbox frame.

-: no 'replay' button at end.

-: no 'previous' button.


Minimal effort from you. It looks like you didn't even really search thoroughly enough to find quality stuff to be new to lovers of optical illusions (who would be the target audience for this, surely).

Considering the buttons were your main work here, the lousy hitboxes were almost unforgivable.

But I did enjoy seeing a few of these again and the new rabbit/duck is cool.


Pros: It was pretty fun and enjoyable.
It had some really good illusions.
The Music was neat and mysterious like.

Cons: You didn't give the answers to some.
It had a plain red background.