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Just A Day, Lock version

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Another step in my quest to further my understanding of flash, if you have the time please write a review, I love to learn =].

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Nice music

Notbad at all you chose some good music and good flow of animation, the characters were notbad either, it all seemed to flow well together with some interesting scenes, i was pleased.

Decent flash.





That was actually pretty good. Here are just my reasons for giving you the score I gave you.

Graphics: Fairly smooth movements, not too detailed but also not too primitive.
Style: I've seen the clock/lock thing WAY too many times. Originality is what you need.
Sound: Well chosen song. Fit well with the movements of the...locks.

So, I voted 3, because you begged for a 5, which dissapointed me.

fireball-lock responds:

thank you, and it wasnt so much begging as it was... persuading. and the last review also mentioned the 'vote five' so i have learned my lesson.

i would have voted five...

You know what this flash was pretty good, i liked the visuals and the music, and at first i was thinking "well its a bit blippy but i think we have a five here" then something awful happened....you pleaded for a five at the end. SHAME ON YOU, YOU MAKE AN ASWOME FLASH AND THEN DO THAT. FORSHAME!!

fireball-lock responds:

well, thank you for telling me this, I have learned my lesson and I shall never do such a thing again. I must now go and beat myself untill this lesson it engraved in my brain forever! nah jus kiddin' ty for the review though

GAVIN!!! awesome

hey this is punk the 1st from rs i was just goin around newgrounds and i saw that you had submitted a flash so i watched and voted 5 its pretty good but you missed out on the pking trip yesterday :( and ur never on anymore :(

fireball-lock responds:

iv been having java problems, probably cos i keep messing around with flash, and first to review, nice.

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2006
12:12 PM EST