Masters of Doom!

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Update - Alright! Front page and daily 3rd place! Thanks Fulp boys! Thanks to everyone who voted! Let's see if this pioneers the potential Doom collection...

Here it is, our long anticipated cartoon! PLEASE NOTE - This isn't quite about the game Doom; It was inspired by the book in which the creation of the Doom games are explained. The book, Masters of Doom (written by David Kushner) is the story of how iD Software was founded, and how Wolf 3D and Doom soon became popular games. This is a sitcom of sorts with the creators of Doom.


oremoR nhoJ ,em llik tsum uoy emag eht niw oT

Couldn't John Romero go "Icon of Sin" on their asses?

Suck it down!

Only an old-school ID fan would truly get this and appreciate this.

Great work, man!


that was awsome. PLS MAKE MORE
UR AWWSOME THAT MOVIE PWNED all the other doom spoofs

Bloody Excellent....Quite Literally

That movie was great! loved every bit of it......when is episode 2 coming out???

What is he doing? Scuba diving? AH HA AH HA

I loved every minute of it. The greatest tribute to id Software ever conceived...

For those of you oblivious:
- "Suck it down" was a phrase John Romero used frequently to advertise Daikatana
- Tom Hall is credited to creating the teleporter in Doom
- Spider-mind a terrible thing to waste? They made a bunch of concept art for the Spider Mastermind, but it never made it into Doom 3
- "These games are getting really realistic" is a phrase that Bill Gates used in his horribly made Doom video demonstration for Windows 95
- John Carmack used to own a red Ferrari 308, before he donated it as a prize for a QuakeCon tourney (Thresh won it)
- "To win the game you must kill me, John Romero" is what plays when you encounter the final boss in Doom 2, but backwards and distorted to sound more demonic
- Not related to the flash, but Tom Hall left id Software in between Doom and Doom 2, joined Apogee/3D Realms, and became the lead game designer for Rise of the Triad

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Mar 25, 2006
6:20 PM EST
Comedy - Parody