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LL - The NightMare

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The thing i'v had in my sig for 2 days is here! IF YOU HATE LOCKS DONT WATCH THIS!!!!!

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Another nice, simple entertainamental flash from the Legion of Locks, heh. Simple graphics, smooth animation and a nice concept too. Keep up the good work!


ok then

The graphics are really good. You are one of the better animators in the lock movies I think. I liked the "dream sequence" for lack of a better term; with the circles getting smaller and going on into infinity.
The thing that got me was the ending. I'm like "wow! It ended?" What was that? I got a big chuckle from it.
The music was perfecto fitting and it sounds great as well. Good sound quality.
So, all in all I like it and I was entertained and thats the important thing in a format like this. Entertain the peoples. So good job and keep at it!

((( IT WAS OK )))

It was ok, i do like the freddy cooger theme, the animayion seemed abit slow though, and the music was decent, actually i loved the music, it was all a strange flash but that was sorta neat about it...

More smoother animation would be good, more longer, and maybe some dialog of the character, and since its locks some subtitles to go with if added voices were made...

A short flash with a unique style, special apearance, freddy cooger...



Its easy to found that you got bored very quickly of doing the flash and stopped that right there.

Me too I was bored...

Not very good.

^^Good Points^^
The music was definitely the strongest point in this movie. Not sure if you meant for the music to sound low qual, but it did, but went well with the mood of the story.

^^Needs Improving^^
The graphics definitely could use some revision. Some of the drawings are kind of bumpy, and there is very little detail. I didn't particularly thing there was a great deal of thought put into this flash, and it was pretty boring. I also didn't like the ending. A little bit too abrupt.

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2006
5:40 PM EST