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[S]kate [T]o [D]ie Collab

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[S]kate [T]o [D]ie Collab
A skate movie made by threaa skateboarders using flash.

BennefariousneB - A good skate movie that took 3 weeks to make and alot of blood sweat and soiled pants.

night-mare - Small collaboration great style skating and yeah hope you like it

Ultra_Samurai - Great skating lines and i hope you enjoy it

Warning may contain some blood and UB3r cool scenes.. and a few skateboarding scenes

Side noteL: Everyone has improved alot since making this a month or two ago.

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I must say this rock! good job!!!!!!!!!!! :D


i can honestly say htis is the ONLY flash animation on newgrounds i have never watched all the way through ( no matter how bad it was) tis was absoute crap, nobody wants to see little porrly drawn figures skating ...doing nothing. it was a poor choices of crowd to pick from too, most people who would watch this are skaters and would just go outside ad do it for real. ...eah..overall, it sickens me.

wtf is this

absolute crap thats all im sayin

fucking crap.

and thats no exageration.. their arms didnt even move for crist sake?!

Not half Bad..

Umm i only liked nightmare, the others really werent that good.