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KSNF ep1 "The Prophecy"

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Hey, guys. you may remember my Flash super sentai collosal fury. Well the first episode is done, but I've changed the name.

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Not Bad For An Intro.

First of all for the uninformed, Sentai is Power Rangers before it leaves Japan and comes over to the US. I strongly advise watching some of it before responding to Sentai movies here, so you don't sound like a moron.

That said, I have to say I'm glad someone's attempting to make a Sentai series on NG. Overall, there wasn't really enough going on to give a full review of this (since it's just the intro), but it looks decent so far. I'd just say tighten up the graphics and try to make it run a bit smoother. I can't wait to see what the Henshins and Gattai look like.

Done Before

This reminds me of POWER RANGERS

Been there, done that

So this is pretty much another 'ordinary kids gain mystical superpowers to fulfill an prophecy' kind of series, eh? This movie is like a crash course into nearly every youth-oriented anime show...you even managed to nail the archetypical collected-minded every hero, cute female, quiet 'n' cool badass, demure sage that provides the powers, and the hot evil chick.

That's just my gripe with unoriginality. It's your idea and I wont ask you to compromise it just to please me. But you probably want to pick up some books on the fundamentals of storyboarding for animation. Because if you want to establish a facial expression or a character, you're going to want to hold a close-up frame of them for more than a split second.

Good effort.

This was surprisingly good, the story was rather interesting, and the voices were fairly good. The only thing I can really comment on is the animation and artwork, both of which aren't really what I'd call "bad", but more like "mediocre". Good luck with the other episodes in this series.

Props for reinventing the idea, but unoriginal.

Aren't the Super Sentei the real and original Japanese show where Power Rangers got all their fight scenes from? I heard the real Show is very different from our version. In fact I heard our first version(Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) is the 16th version of the series in Japan. I heard this series dates back to the 1960's! Well thanks for your reinvention, I hope the best for yur series.

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3.08 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2006
6:46 PM EST