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Turret Defense

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Author Comments

***thanks for the front page! Woot!
*press Q to change quality*
*PRESS ENTER TO SKIP LEVELS* (stop starting over!)
Finally! I started this game 1 year ago... Turret Defense contains 2 games in one! Start by defending strategic points and then use your mech to win the war! This game plays like a RTS, but you can only make buildings... heh. Please read instructions provided on the top of the screen while playing. If you find a level(4 in total) too long or boring, skip it with the enter key.
Many ennemies! Cool gameplay! Nice musics! 2 games in one! Uber nice mission brieffings (finally found a voice actor)!


well what to you

i beat the game a dit easy but i like the last level were you get to fight inside a robort

Worse game I have ever seen

Like starcraft turret defense ? Like NO ? First off, at least go make some decent graphics in adobe photoshop. Second, most of these games on here go by the same trend, no tutorial, no way of telling me where is everything. What, am I suppose to figure out stuff? Are you the player or are you the developer? If you are that lazy to the point that you can't even put in a decent tutorial, don't even make games.

I don't know what to make of this

Ok the first level is an incredibly simplistic TD level. The second level is a hard (as in a MASSIVE diffaculy spike... however having beaten Gemcraft 0, I didn't mind. But it IS hard) TD level, where you also have to worry about your turrets ebing attacked and managing your resoruces. The 3rd level is easier than the 2nd level, and the 4th level suddenly becomes some slows ass robot shooting game with 1 type of enemy and very sluggish movement. Bleh. And its the only level the level skip code doesn't. The one level that is boring enough for me to skip, doesn't allow me to skip it >_<. UnexpectedGenreChange for the lose.

As a TD its pretty cool. The fact their is only 1 tower is kinda lame, but the resoucre mamnagment aspect with the electricity station forces the player into a unique balancing stratergy. I dig, though the game would be better with more towers. If the rest of the game were like the 2nd level, and you actually warned people it was hard, I'd probably give this an 8. If you actually included a variety of towers, I'd give it a 9. The level skipping is an intresting idea, though you should have tested it on the 4th level >_< .

However I do not think the other levels were put together so well.
The 1st level serves the job of teaching people how to play the game. However once thats done, its both mindless, ridiculosuly easy, goes on to long and doesn't prepare people for the 2nd level.
The 3rd level was still pretty fun, but not as challenging or engaging as the 3rd level.
The 4th level frankly sucked. It was slow as hell and the "combat" consist of mashing the mouse button. And its the only level you can't skip. Weeee.

The level skipping thing was quite an inotative idea. Oher flash artists could use it to include levels that might be too frustrating for the average player, buy just fine for people looking for a challenge.

Overall, not a bad game, sans the 4th level.

For those stuck on the second level, either skip it, or: Start by building towers till you have $400. When you hit $500 build a power plant(electricity is, then when you get


Why,Why,Why I wasnt flippin ready on lvl 2 fuck i died in 4 seconds at least do a mission chapter replay or something.

2nd lvl

on the second lvl if youre playing it for the first time, youre going to get owned. i knew better the second time around but its annoying to go through lvl 1 again. good game though

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Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2006
4:54 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed