Turret Defense

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***thanks for the front page! Woot!
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*PRESS ENTER TO SKIP LEVELS* (stop starting over!)
Finally! I started this game 1 year ago... Turret Defense contains 2 games in one! Start by defending strategic points and then use your mech to win the war! This game plays like a RTS, but you can only make buildings... heh. Please read instructions provided on the top of the screen while playing. If you find a level(4 in total) too long or boring, skip it with the enter key.
Many ennemies! Cool gameplay! Nice musics! 2 games in one! Uber nice mission brieffings (finally found a voice actor)!


this was an epic fail!!!!!!!!!

the only thing cool was the intro witch took forever and the waves never stop plus you run out of resoures fast BULLSHIT!!!!!!!


this is the worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c'mon everyone, its not THAT bad!

i must say first off that i love turret defense games, the [sometimes] unique strategies that each game provides is what keeps me coming back...

thought, i do have to agree and say it needs alot of work...an upgrade system for turrets, and easing up a bit on the dificulty, a better system to skip levels that youve already beaten (rather than having to either refresh to the main menu or lose on purpose and then hit enter, space,space...enter, space, space...repeat untill desired level reached), it has a lot of work to be done, but i must say ive seen a HELL of ALOT much worse [first attempt(?)] defense games...and other games for that matter, where people have already excelled in making games of teh genre...but for a run at teh genre, i have to at least give credit of a 4

i couldnt get past the 4th(i think) level, with the naval enemies...just couldnt divide my turrets evenly enough for top/bottom, they all can pretty much reach all the units, but theyre only for enough time to get a few shots off before theyre out of range again

try again man, and put alot more effort into it, balance testing and an upgrade system and i think you might get somthing worth palying here...

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Not Good

The title says it all. I don't even understand how you're supposed to get past the first level. I couldn't get enough money to build any more than three towers. Maybe I'm missing something, but I've played a few tower defense games and this one doesn't do much for me.

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i dont like them killing my towers

good graphics. good idea.
1) Level 2 starts WAAAY too soon.
2) Dont let the convoys destroy the towers while your trying to build them. it takes a very short amount of time before they are destroyed.
3) Ease up of the difficulty a bit. Level 2 you dont even have time to place towers before they start getting destroyed. too hard to keep up

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2006
4:54 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed