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Parabola V3

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Author Comments

!- Press "space" to switch soundtrack.
!!- To play this game properly, you need a good optical mouse (not a scroll mouse or digital keypad)
This is my third major physics game for the Parabola series, it has 3 levels and 1 practice mode. If you don't like those types of games, please consider the work put into it.

Basically all you have to do is throw electrons at a power cell as softly as possible to minimise power loss upon asborbtion; if your throw is very well, you get a bonus 50% power for your next hit!. For people who havn't played the previous versions, i strongly recomend you go though the practice mode first.

anyway, this is my best game so far, it took me about 2 months part-time to develop. I think the concept is pretty unique, and i hope you ppl like it =) physics physics physics!!!

*EDIT* i updated the flash, i realized i made a bad typo!

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i hit the cell, but it doesnt get ANY power...

when it lands... help?

Alphabit responds:

sorry for the delay, i havn't checked this in a while...
anyway, its probably because the ball was going too fast and all the power was lost upon absorbtion.
the aim of the mage is to create the best "Parabola" (curve). so you need to throw the ball softly so that the power is conserved!

Good but short game

Graphics and sound isn't something special, but is good, I like it. Game is too short, only 3 levels, but I think author will make more. Playing was enjoyable, but I can shot a lot of balls in the same time and always win. If author improve this game, I'll point it 10.

Alphabit responds:

yep, i've added a lvl for my next version already, it will be very hard.

PS i never put up a level that i can't beat myself.

Great game, but way too hard.

That's why I scored you so low on interactivity; I mean, how is anyone supposed to beat a level? The power cell drains WAY too fast.

You need to make it so that at low levels it drains slower, and as you move up, it drains faster and faster. But make it easier, please! It's so frustrating to see everyone else having such an easy time, I don't understand how they're doing it.

Maybe I'm just a loser at this game, fuck it all.

8/10, 3 in the Portal.

Alphabit responds:

hmmm, you have a point there, i will make sure the next version has easy, medium and hard, then that should suit everyone.

it might be your mouse sensitivity... thx for the tip!


The physics is good, maybe a little too sensitive. Even though not my type of game i enjoyed it alot. I think in the future u should add more levels possible also bonus rounds. All in all great job

Alphabit responds:

thanks, i've already added a lvl for my next version, you have to make it bounce of a 45 degrees wall, then bounce back on a platform, under a wall, then hit the target.


Great game, takes some skill =P thats good though, the loading screen was fun, the ball on the string, overall a great game

Alphabit responds:

cool, yeah it does take skill, and a good mouse.
i wanted to make it super-interactive, almost a sport for the hand lol. you get used to it after a while, i beat the first lvl in 3 seconds once...