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newgrounds.com... Thanks...!
I did this movie 1 hour
So do not judge strictly ))

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Pros: It was a pretty decent tribute to newgrounds.
The music nicely flowed with this.

Cons: Your message "thank you" is a little bit vague. I mean are you thanking newgrounds for existing or are you thanking it because you’re flash passed? If it is in that case thank the viewers for voting 5 and if it is in the other case thank Tom.


Nice sound and look

Wow, a flash to newgrounds..... Not much in it, but it has a catchy beat.

lmao omg... ass kissing much >.>

A medicore movie at best... you make it sound like they bloody invented flash when you couldn't be more wrong! XD There's two words you should learn to remeber... Adobe and Macromedia! if you want to worship anyone it should be them because without them this website wouldn't be here because this website would have nothing to exist for! The community and those 2 companies make newgrounds what it is, not the other way around... and if you can't see that you really are clueless


It's interesting for someone to make a tribute like this to Newgrounds. But if I was an asshole I probably say that you're just kissing ass here. But lucky for you I'm not. Or am I? Anyways interesting flash... Don't kill me!

an hour makes not a good flash...

ok, heres my rap sheet... It was pretty good, but it seemed a little unentertaining. at first I was like "wtf? what does an aircraft have to do with newgrounds?" but then it kinda changed. it still needs inprovement. nice try though...

Credits & Info

1.93 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2006
8:32 AM EST