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Starwell ep3: the JOB!

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ok... thanx for the comments guys! keep 'em comming..
i know, Starwell looks like spongebob a bit... what can I say- lol I did like 15 different mock ups for the character.. and they liked that one the best- probably because he DID look like spongebod.. i dunno- "the man's" keeping me down.. lol- I take the series in a more "family guy" direction in a few episodes. and like I said.. in my opinion, they get better by each ep. this ep is a little hard to follow... because we had some last minute changes in the story line... it sucked ... and screwed with the flow- but you'll see and interjected scene with "ms. Shell" the furry-type girl, do this shpiel about Urquest.. it sucked... and I had to move the "way more funny" agent smith scene to a hidden scene (so in Homestarrunner fashion) find the hidden scene ^.^

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Keep on keeping on

Much better then the other two i suppose,more characters and a longer episode also funny Matrix refrences but so far the main thing i am impressed with with this series is the voice acting with it's excellent quality and performance.

Best episode

In the newer episodes everyone sounds different.
I loved the thing with the "awesome piece of video".


Another great episode, I love the character reactions, the simple colortheme in this and the unique plot, all is great. Looking forward to many more eps! keep it up!


Read the summary.

Like the previous two, I didn't like this one too much. Your summary of the video pretty much sums it up, and if you put this in a different direction, I'll still be watching it.

This wasn't my kind of video. The Matrix pun wasn't that good, but the censorship part was kind of funny.

still feels like a comercial

the summary says it all

the matrix pun was good though

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4.23 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2006
7:30 AM EST