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Well.. It was originally made as a project which earned my site and associates an "A" in our speech class.. But maybe it has a place in the newgrounds archives with the other crap I've made..

It's brief.. But I hope it meets someone's approval.

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Nice flash.

I got a pretty good laugh from it,the animation and voice acting we're really good but it was kind of short but had good work done to it,the last part of the flash i really laughed with the boot up the ass,great job.

heh well done

loved the gramma at the end. Anyway,great graphics and style. pretty original and well used humour. I fully sipported this one through judgement. Good job


i love you

Oddstudios responds:

And I love you :')


That was funny as heck, the little kid was like... candy!!! and the granny was like no its mine!! and then she took off in her chair lol wtf?? it was great

Oddstudios responds:

Yeah: rocket-powered chairs tend to be an old person's quickest escape in times of trouble.


Everything about this was really good. It had good graphics, animation, and it was really funny. You did a really good job on this.

Oddstudios responds:

Aaay! Thanks a lot :)