FU the Dancing Fox

March 23, 2006 –
February 11, 2019
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I know its not the most perfect flash in the world.. still, it took me a few months to finish, and it aint that bad ;)

UPDATE: Thanks for all those lovely reviews, and thanks a lot for not kicking the entry (I did think it wouldnt survive the night...)
For all those who had asked for more of Fay the Reaper, I'm working on a flash ATM with Fu, the cute lil dancing fox, and Fay, the reaper. I'll post it as soon as I have the time to finish it (nearing my written exams... *shudder*)



Good job Fu!Do more best!


i gave this a 9/10 cuz it was short but i loved how good this was, HAND DRAWN too
good job

-dont forget to be smexsy-


I absolutely loved this. I'm only hoping to see something longer in the future. This has to be the cutest thing ever. Please, bring Fu back sometime!!! 10/10


How adoreable! Why doesn't everyone animate foxes like that? ANYWAYS... I loved it oodles!

The best fox clip on newgrounds!

I agree with gurvmlk's review. When I did a search for 'fox' I got a bunch of stupid Star fox results when I just wanted a simple animation of a fox doing something. then I stumbled upon this. Perfect (although short)! The film was of a well drawn cartoon fox, suiting music, and came out cute. The fact that it was frame by frame makes it clear that you understand how to be a truely patient person.

Job well done. I hope to see more of this fu fox.


I lol'd for some reason.

It's this kind of flash that I love. Simple, yet entertainingly cute.

Excellent work!


thats so cute ^_^

but do u think u couldve made him/her (the fox) dance longer?
i liked the moves the fox was doin hehehe so cute ^_^

A dancing fox...PERFECT!

This was very well done, and the fact that it was done frame by frame makes it even more impressive. The only improvement I can possibly think of is to make it longer, but I completely understand why you would have made it so short. It's not very exciting or funny, but it is entertaining to watch in it's own way, and I usually check it out whenever I come to newgrounds. I also really liked the music that played during the credits and how you showed the drawings with the frameworks during them. However, I have to be honest and say that the main reason I liked this movie so much myself is because I'm a huge sucker for foxes.

Very cute animation of a cartoon fox.

I found this to be almost overwhelmingly cute! >^.^< Keep up the good work!

Fox... yay <(^.^)>

nice animation, and if its any good to ya, still somthing more than i could do with flash.


That was sooooo cute ^-^

<deleted> responds:

thank you ^_^


I like when ppl do fbf, it allways (almost) looks great, nice work!

<deleted> responds:

thank you ^__^

Way cute ^^

This is way cute, I've watched it like fifty times since yesterday ^^ I really like the colors and everything, and the little clip at the end sorta taught me that using lineart for reference and stuff was really helpful. This is some great work, can't wait to see more

<deleted> responds:

thanks ^__^


Sometimes when a flash is done well, no real point is needed. This is one of those flashes. It was very nicely animated and smooth, the graphics were simplistic but had a nice clean style, and the music was rather clear. Great job! :)

I can't wait to see what else you do and upload. You have alot of promise! *Thumbsup*

<deleted> responds:

thank you!! ^_^
I hope you liked the newer submissions ;)


That was cute. I loved it. I wanna see more of him! I didn't see the point of the flash if there was one, but I don't care. Very nice job

<deleted> responds:

dont worry, my flashes are generally pointless ;=)


This was so adorable and innocent looking.
I feel the background would make this so much better if it were like a bright forest or windswept field to go with the fox.
this was amazing.

<deleted> responds:

thank you! ^___^
fields and trees, hu? well, I'll see what I can come up with ;)

Fu Fun.

Okay, this was really cute. I love foxes and non-violent was perfect.

I also wishthere wasmore dancing, but understanding the length of time it can take to make one of these...

Hey, How about more of the Reaper?


<deleted> responds:

thank you for the motivating review ^_^
in fact, I am working on more of the reaper (fay is his name btw) but this will take quite some time before it will be anything more than a scribble ;)

Cute fox

Too bad he doesn't do more. The dancing graphics were fine, though.

<deleted> responds:

hehe.. I know its not fascinating to watch a red furball hop round on a camouflage color stage.. but well.. practise makes perfect.. he might come back with mystic kung fu powers.. or.. something like that *g*
anyway, I do my best!

Very cute!

Special, very cute and the music is not bad... I like it ^^

<deleted> responds:

thx ^^

good cute fox

Your fox drawing is pretty cute. use your talent of drawing cute animals to make an extreme dance animal party that would be extreme and awsome.

back to the point good flash but u could have made the fox do just a bit more than danse. (make the falsh more interesting)

Anyway u have great potenshull to be a great flash artist so keep up the good work

<deleted> responds:

thank you ^___^
considering this is my first flash really, I'm surprised he even managed to dance iwthout falling flat on his nose *g*
I'm afraid a party wont take place though, but Fu will reappear, dont you worry ;)

That was strange...

You could of added more humor I mean really a dancing fox?

<deleted> responds:

there are much weirder things on the internet than dancing foxes.. I guess.. *g* well.. see it like this, at least it wasnt dancing tea cups :D but thanks for the review ^_^

I love dancing foxes

Excellent animation

<deleted> responds:

thanks ^_^ took long enough ;)


that was great! the short bonus thing at the end was so funny too. great job!!

Nice Short

Good job, an original idea that didnt involve stick figures. I gave ya a 5

awww ^______^ that was cute...

...lol, I probably liked this more than others because well, Im a R3dF0x XD!!!

Frame by frame work looks pretty good...you seem to have a basic understanding of simple movements...try to incorporate more dramatic poses and movements, some were very basic and then others were a bit more exciting...When ever animating you have to exaggerate a lil when it comes to moving a character around othewise it doesn't look right...



Scottmale will love this.


Awesome frame by frame - it's off the scale with the cute factor too! =) Keep it up - I'd love to see more.


Nice FBF (Frame By Frame) Keep doin' it


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