Starwell ep2 :the dentist

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good enough for me.. thanx for the comments! ep 2 right away!!!
oh yeah... I do realize that Starwell looks kinda like Homer spongebob (lol) what can I say.. that's what "the man" wanted... they do get funnier.. I promise.... as I went on.. the let me have more creative freedom in the writing process... and censored less jokes...


Creative, but not that funny.

I laugh at a lot of things. It doesn't take much for me to start cracking up. However, I didn't feel that this was very funny.

I still have to give you credit for being creative though. The animation, like the first one, was good. However, you could work on the overall plot of what Starwell is doing. There was maybe one or two parts that I could see were slightly funny, everything else wasn't in my opinion.

dentistry is coooooooooool

i wouldnt worry about the naysayers.. im sure you dont but obviously they cant understand that this isnt the limit of you're creativity. its not exactly lung burstingly funny but a wry smile doesnt hurt and the graphics and sound are good. the lip synch is a bit off at times but otherwise not bad for something you do for work.. wish i had your job.../talent :P

omg this sucks so much balls

This series is horrible.All of the jokes are obvious and unfunny and the
entire concept is just too gay.All of it is just so gay.

ok then

omg... starwell looks xactly like sponge bob

overall, it felt like i was watching a comercial most of the time. i still duno what to think of this series. realy good recording though


.....ryl liked it, i agree to u, that it a Homer+SpongeBob, but its a very good and interesting char ;]

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Mar 23, 2006
3:22 PM EST
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