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Starwell ep1: new Job

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well- this is the first episode of a cartoon I do for work... I've finally decided to put it up.. it's a bit edumatainment at times.. but.. it can be funny too.

mybe I'll put ep 2 up today as well... I have around 40 episodes done... so... yeah.

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Cant go wrong with Starwell he has such a nice creation of his character and all the crazy antics you take him into with all the "DIFFERENT-SCENES" makes this even better then I had orginally thaught, and its those "LITTLE-DETAILS" in the film that I have really come to enjoy.

make these longer


Did I miss the end? It just faded to black. Anyway, this was still pretty good. Why is he wearing SpongeBob's clothes if he looks like Patrick? How was this edutainment? I didn't learn anything about sea life here.

It doesn't even take place under the sea. Or does it? I don't want to know what starfish genitalia looks like. Hmm, was this done after other episodes were submitted? I know I reviewed the others before.

It's like if Spongebob and Patrick had a baby


that wuz weird and funny XD so i like it XDD :D had a good laugh XD

Haha silly

A good first episode,i kept laughing everytime Starwell got naked on random notes and when the other two guys eyes went in a spinning daze,looks to be a swell series so far. =)