Alien Brutality

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***NOTE: This game was supposed to have a subtle comedic element. It was a kind of parody on Doom3 (blood on walls, portal) and Halo (flood type things). Also, the rock boss's weakness is right before he punches. That was intentional.

WARNING: this game contains acts of alien brutality. Viewer discretion is advised.
Sorry about the length of the game. I'll make the next one longer, I swear. ;)
Cheats aren't really cheats, they're hidden areas. Have fun!
P.S. No, seriously, AB2 will be much longer!!!
Also, this is my first game, so go kind of go easy on me...
TIPS: Ducking is good for dodging enemy attacks. Keep a look out for cheat codes! Bosses are stupid.

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this game is awesome. this is mcgill. i cant wait for the second one!

not bad

a bit short and some points were pretty easy, but it was an alright game. your idea was pretty good for the game too... but it was a bit easy overall. if this one had a bigger challenge, it would've been better, but it was still fun to play.


I had a good time, at the beginning. Killing one's allies is fun!
It would have been nicer if they weren't all identical, though... maybe give them
different hair, at least.
The alien part is kinda wierd, but I liked this game overall.

Not that great

The graphics were horrible,the controls were very annoying because of sticky keys and the story sucked. Try Again.

brianthegreat responds:

Disable the stick keys, you dumbass. God, stop bitching about the sticky keys! You can freaking DISABLE them! Or are you that computer illiterate?
BTW, this game is for people who can take it lightly. It's not supposed to be ultra serious. Jeeze...


This is one of my fav games on this site. Please make more you have an outstanding talent. o and a recomendation is next time dont make all of the people look identical. But other then that your game rocks

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2.67 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2006
11:07 AM EST
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