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NOTICE: You must go to the edge of the screen to scroll, there may be people far to the right of the visible screen.

The last of the three games i did last week, based on my own idea, you must rescue civillians before they die from exaustion. fly your upgradeable helicopter and collect as many people as you can!.

Hint: you WILL want to have at least the second hull by level 6, 3rd by 11, 4th by 16, 5th by 20.


I thought this game was pretty mediocre. My main problem is that the graphics are not that well designed. It actually does have a pretty good concept. It's just that it takes a long time for it to truly warm up. I do appreciate how you seem to be sending a positive message with this. There are few rescue games out there.

The detail just comes off as too bland. While it really isn't too easy, it's not that enjoyable either. I like how the levels get bigger as it goes along. Then again, you do have to keep on going further to the side of the screen. It doesn't work too badly with its simplicity.

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level 8 and was fully upgraded

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Very cool.

I played it for about 15 minutes, and just got bored when I bought everything you could buy. It was really cool until that point though.

Im pretty sure you dont even need the level 2-4 upgrades; you should just have the maximum for each level, because the others are kinda useless. You can get by just fine if you save up enough for each level 5, you can beat it easily.

Anyways, Im kinda rambling on here, but it was cool. Good job.


Not bad...

This game is really good, I'm up to level 16 with all the setup equipments. You should put for ever 5 levels that you beat, a bonus game or a new catagory unlocked. It's still an addicting game, 3/5.

really good game!

yes really nice but you should have put an ending!

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3.56 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2006
7:10 PM EST
Skill - Other