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Jeb City part 2

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After getting a fairly positive reaction from the NG crowd with Jeb City, my Sin City parody starring Jebediah, I decided to make this sequel.
*all three parts of the trilogy are up, so I suggest you watch all three parts

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Will we ever see part 3?

Do the part with the whores next!

*ahem*, now that I've regained control, it seem that you've made some steps of improvement to this, compared with the first part of your tale. I would say that there need to be more time spent upon the animation, but given that it was made in 2006, I'll assume that you're better now, since you're still animating.

The voices could use some work, but the Audio Portal and Forums can find you some talented voice actors, that can do your bidding for very reasonable fees (peanuts, porn, 5% of advert revenues), as it did sound a little mumbled and rushed. The analogies were straight out of right field, but did contain enough fun in there that I could smile at what was being done here.

With the blood at the end, I was glad that it was done in the "traditional" white, just like the movie, but the splatter could use a little more work, as I'm not sure that would be how it would look. Spray, perhaps coating the walls in a fine mist, but no long, thick streaks - these happen if the body hits the wall and drags down it, for example.

I look forward to seeing what else you are capable of.

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Battosai810 responds:

At the time, hoowee was I proud of that blood effect. I thought it was the coolest damn thing. Glad you caught on that I did the white blood effect too. If I did it now you can bet there'd be some cool frame by frame splatter.

I've always liked noir dialogue and I'd love to take a semi-serious, Max Payne style stab at it. My voice acting has gotten better since this cartoon, although I'm by no means a great voice actor. I have voices that I develop for my characters and I don't really see me changing them though. These come in more in my newer cartoons.

Thanks for watching this cartoon, and I hope you enjoy Part 3 (which came out like 6 months-a year later) even more!

An improvement over the first part.

Despite only being submitted a week later the quality of the flash seems to have improved considerably. The animation was much smoother, the plot was more enjoyable and there were a couple of decent, simple jokes. The only thing I felt was worse was the audio. Whilst the voice was only really bad at the start of the first part, the crackling was more consistent throughout the flash here. The sound levels of the music and the dialogue also came too close on occasions, which made it difficult to hear what was being said, so it was a good job the dialogue was also on screen. However, it did manage to detract from the plot a little. The red line issue occurred once more. This time on the bottom right of the screen during the scene with the Amish cart.

Battosai810 responds:

The red lines happened in these early cartoons because I'd make a black box with red lines around the stage to get the color for the backdrop. Of course this was before I knew how to actually set the background to black instead of white!

The audio in these cartoons was done with a cartoonishly bad setup. I had Windows Sound Recorder and a microphone that ran on batteries. This microphone was later peed on by one of my cats, forcing me to get one that wasn't a piece of garbage.

I appreciate you reviewing these old cartoons! It's definitely a trip down memory lane.


OUR HERO IS DEAD HOW COULD YOU LLAMA!!!!!i think i spelled lama wrong lol
keep up the good work

Battosai810 responds:


Still awesome, but originally slightly better.

That llama! How could she? Or it! Whatever it was!

Battosai810 responds:

baby! that treacherous llama!
the tragedy that is jebediah...
also, much motion tweening going on in this toon... a bit too much.

frightening just plain frightening

Where is the llama sex? WTF

Battosai810 responds:

How did it take me three years to respond to this amazing review?

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3.50 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2006
2:52 PM EST