Primal War 06

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on my 6th chapter and getting close to the end , for some that is good news , for the others who had written to me both in reviews and in e-mail /as you can see in this episode I had been listening to you , thanks



if on 1 episode mammals pwned dinos, then in here mammals got pwned XDD and wtf that lion was stupid or did he betray the mammals?!!

and btw, the preloader didnt work for me :[

looks hot

only why would the aligators/crocodile's help the mammals.. aren't they dino's aswell..

Very good-but

I saw a little blooper...on part 5, the lion is struck on the right shoulder(I think) by an arrow and in this episode, the wound appears on his left shoulder. Other than that, all your PrimalWar series have been great

Sounds & Walking

The only problem I see for you to fix, the sound is very faint and should not be at all. You should perhaps raise the volume? Or maybe work on the sounds altogether? For example when the Dino snaps the neck it's not a very satisfying crack or noise to indicate it's dead. Either way I still find your walking at certain times is just too wierd and awkward. When your Dinos or Animals are walking and the legs aren't visible it runs smoothly but whenever I see the feet it looks wierd and they don't appear to walk properly. That aside I believe you have some serious potential for greatness in flash but proportions still trouble you. Or atleast they seem to from my perspective. For example the arrows seem oversized for the bows. The swords and weapons don't work perfectly with their holders. But again I'm only trying to help because I really enjoy your work and think it's going to continue to improve. Keep up the great work!

Get's better and better

Your one of the few artist I come back again and again to see if they've submitted anything new. I really enjoy this installment of the series, can't wait to see the ending. Keep it up man.

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4.12 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2006
1:56 PM EST