Racing to the light.

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This is a movie about cars, to the tune of da'rude sandstorm

its one of those wierd animation type videos I often make, this one is of a serious nature though...

It looks fun at first

but then my serious self always has to ruin that part...

At the end is my message about driving safe..

so drive safe!


i happend to me

i understand where your coming from but even if u drive safe some one else will be a dumbass and drink and drive even know they know what there doing

i ignore the message

the message has been said so many times i shall not rate the movie on it's moral. but on plain simple graphics and other stuff that's listed above. i find this movie badly animated. i don't like it and even with the story it's really confusing



This was a good movie i just think you could of made it a little better and not so long i was losing interest towards the end

it was ok

The chase was kinda cool, with as much as you showed. You could have at least made the wheels spin. That was pretty awesome when he burned that cop. Your message didn't get through to me at all, by the way; if you wanted to stop drunk driving, you should've showed the drivers drinking and then crashing at the end; just pictures after an exciting car chase won't do the job. The music however made the movie halfway decent.

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Wow, that was...

Crappy... I loved how he shifted from 4th to 3rd an burnt the cop. Message didnt come till the last second, so you diddnt even know what the hell was happening besides a street race.

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2.40 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2001
6:44 AM EDT
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