Goku the Real Story: ep 4

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Ep 4 is here!
Goku's inner defences begin to crumble as he launches himself into the seedy nighlife of swinger city, intent on having a good time.
MEANWHILE Vegetta aggressively defends his title as #1 arrogant badass of the planet, but will Arnie take his punishment like a man?



This was sooooooooooo fucking funny! You make better and better episodes! I mean, I think the first was the funniest, but here the idea with the other cartoon characters was hilarious... Not 2 mention the athmospheric waterballon... And the secret bar with a sign on the main road... :-DD And when the scene ended with Goku, I loved the music. (didn't make no sence, right? oh, well)
I laughed my butt off.


it was awsome i cant wait to see the next dragon ball........i mean goku the real story episode

So cooL!!!111 one one

This just keeps getting better... oh yeah, and ahhhnold must be prety strong to actually sourvive vegeta's attack... allthough Vegeta got real strong after fusioning with goku, or goku with vegeta... anyway... real strong, I'm impressed.

good'ol goku seems to be himself during an apocalypse take over, as usual...

And the ahnold in the end got me laugh :P

Nice one!

Which sign to choose? Free drinking & no dress code!? Wahahaha! That was good, then he said "What the...!?" then was cut off. I like the others better though, is this one shorter than the others? I think it is but still good job.


Past the third one, these are awesome... the one thing that cracks me up the most, though, has to be Vegeta with his voice and the way he reacts to Arnie's supersizeness. And the last one's ... super biggo woo woo billion attack whatever, that was great!! Keep up the series man!

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Mar 22, 2006
6:20 AM EST
Comedy - Parody