Goku the Real Story: ep 4

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Ep 4 is here!
Goku's inner defences begin to crumble as he launches himself into the seedy nighlife of swinger city, intent on having a good time.
MEANWHILE Vegetta aggressively defends his title as #1 arrogant badass of the planet, but will Arnie take his punishment like a man?



very very nice work,cant wait to c wuts gonna happen ; )


You cannot beat Ahnuld... :-D Good animation, the only thing I didn't actually like was Ahnuld's face, I would have made it more...terminatorlike :-). But that's just me, good job.

Great Job

Yo great job on the Flash, lol but you shouldnt of changed the squeeky voice you had before but great Job tell me if you need anymore help on your flash

-Chase Congdon


Alright, I know you spent a lot time working on the humor and stuff. I admit that it is funny but you might offend some DBZ's fan.

Every parodies will have such a problem, especially in this wide community with lots of different tastes. The only way you could supress the negative parts is to apologize or at least to warn the DBZ fan.

In conclusion, your animation can still be funny if you use your own design characters. This not only show your originality in work, but it also shows your creativity. Try to come out a new series with your own character, finish this series first if you like but I'm sure your new series will have a better result than this. Well done, and keep up the good work!

good stuff

ok note to other guy who blamed, your a idiot, who master debates to DBZ tunes, anyway. I dont blame goku for poping a beer, after being killed million times, and all those half gay villians who have womanish voices, anyway i give you straught up ten for good stuff

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4.05 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2006
6:20 AM EST
Comedy - Parody