Territory WAR

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ATTENTION: Territory War is now available ONLINE! Check it out at www.territorywaronline.co m!!!!!

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This game was a few solid months of work, so I hope you enjoy. You can play mission mode, challenge mode, or custom battle mode. Play against a human opponent or a CPU one. Unlock additional stages, missions, and hats! This game will also track your stat progress as far as kills, headshots, accuracy, etc. This is my first time writing advanced cpu AI, so if it acts dumb don't go too hard on me. Let me know if you find any bugs.



what more can one ask for....

Need to fix some glitches

This game is pretty good but the CPU opponents AI is buggy. I've won almost eveyr match due to CPU AI shooting down or straight even though I'm just a little bit above them, in other words, they should be able to shoot me, but don't and instead pointlessly shoot into the ground.

Another time one CPU tried to throw a grenade but glitched out and instead did nothing the whole time. Just stood in one spot and never threw it. Needless to say, I had to quit and restart.

Suggestions: Add damage to falls. i.e. when a person get kicked off the top of the hill to the bottom, let the fall from the height cause extra damage. Also, the difficulty of AI never really increases with the levels.

I'm too tired to type out everything that could be fixed or better with this game, but it's so easy to pick apart all the wrongs things from someone elses work. However, this is a good game with great potential to be a great game, therefore constructive criticism is needed.

Lots of things need to be fixed, and once done, this game will truly shine. I look forward to a revised sequel.

Afro-Ninja responds:

Yeah, I wont try and cover for the AI problems... but I already spent way too long modifying it and was incredibly frustrated.

Really, REALLY fun game...

But the menu was absolutely nauseating! The music is disgusting, and the flashing lights and all that added shit nearly made me puke. The game itself is fun, though...VERY fun. I really enjoyed the game.

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Good worms clone

Great game.
The grapichs are great, it's good sticks not bad sticks
Ok sound
All the bugs and the bad ai lowers the int, but due to a savefeature it isn't 1
The ai is very funny.
Some bugs:
Granates gets stuck and so the match(if level is reloaded it's stuck, but not the match)
View command messes up if used while aiming
Ai shots at ground with the gun
The ai is also extremly bad when you are higher then it.
You migth want to add a mute option, per aplication soundlevels is not untill windows vista.


Dude, worms is fucking great, I tried making a game like this months ago, but stopped. YOU'RE FUCKING AWESOME!


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4.27 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2006
10:21 PM EST
Strategy - Artillery
  • Frontpaged March 22, 2006
  • Daily Feature March 23, 2006
  • Weekly 5th Place March 22, 2006