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Castlevania SoTN Alt Bat

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Alternate Battle

I've done minor edits to the graphics, nothing that noticeable, and I also redone the credits as I felt it didn't really fit with the overall theme of the movie. Hope you enjoy it and sing along!

This is the sequel or rather prequel to my Alternate Ending sprite movie!

Alucard and Richter Belmont settle it out in the alternate style!

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Pretty great. Also, cool mix between Castlevania and DBZ.

this is freaking amazing and I always show my friends this toon. because its freaking pure gold! my friends are always in tears when I show them this. fart jokes never get old. ever.

Feels more like a Youtube poop with all the sentence mixing. I guess it was okay otherwise


Slow-paced and the humor gets extremely stale. Sorry. The alternate ending was good, but only because the humor was used in moderation. This is just a longer version of the same thing.

Put This on You Tube

You should definitely put this on You Tube.